Responding to COVID-19 with hope and love: Imagine facing the fear and sadness of this pandemic without knowing that God loves you and has the entire situation in His hands. And even if you have put your trust in Him, unprecedented times like these can still evoke anxiety and uncertainty. That is why Biblica, along with our wonderful strategic partners, have assembled a number of relevant downloadable resources here just for you and for those you care about.

God's Word is Stronger

In these times of uncertainty and isolation,the illumiNations Alliance in partnership with YouVersion, have teamed up to mobilize Bibles throughout the United States in both English and Spanish.  These are being made available at no cost for those seeking the hope of Christ found in His Word.

The illumiNations alliance is a movement of Bible translation partners seeking to end global Bible poverty by 2033. In these global times of hardship, illumiNations and its Bible agency partners see the urgent need to break down any barriers to Scripture to reach a hurting world.