Transforming Young Lives for 20 Years and Counting


Reach4Life Is a Life-Changing Youth Bible
— And So Much More

Reach4Life Is a Life-Changing Youth Bible — And So Much More

Reach4Life is Biblica’s flagship discipleship program for young people aged 12 to 18+. It reveals God’s plan for identity, sexuality, and relationships — helping at-risk youth overcome temptation, make wise life choices, and walk with Jesus.

The program takes young people through 4 Life Journeys with 10 lessons in each, providing enough material for a full year.

It is designed to facilitate an experience of God's transforming power in the face of life's challenges.

It works best in a small group context- in person or virtual- facilitated by a mature Christian, where trust relationships can be built over time.

The aim is to promote reading the Bible together in a way that addresses real life issues.

Young People Desperately Need This Biblical Hope

Research from OneHope reveals that an alarming number of teens around the world are crying out for the hope and purpose that only God can provide. Reach4Life reveals how the Bible speaks to issues like sexuality, relationships, drugs, identity, and abuse.


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Suicidal Thoughts

Two Decades. Forty Countries.
Millions of Changed Lives.

Originally launched in 2004 to address the HIV/AIDS crisis in Southern Africa, Reach4Life has provided a proven way to ignite spiritual and behavioral transformation for young people. But millions more are still waiting to be reached with God’s love.

Year Track Record
Youth Impacted

Watch How God Changes Young Lives

Reach4Life takes at-risk youth on a life-changing journey with Jesus. Watch this video to see how this global ministry is transforming lives.

Meet the Reach4Life Family of Resources

Reach4Life Bible

The program’s foundation is the Reach4Life Bible, which combines the full text of the New Testament with lessons and stories that guide young people to faith in Christ, belief in themselves, and the skills needed to overcome their unique challenges and temptations.

Training Manual

Our Training Manual helps peer educators successfully lead Reach4Life groups through the 40-week program. It also has information on current issues being faced by young people today. Biblica offers a comprehensive training for those who wish to start Reach4Life in their area.

Who Am I?

The Who Am I? booklet provides a great introduction to Reach4Life. It shares the message of salvation using John’s Gospel as the base text in addition to engaging reflection content. Who Am I? can be used as a powerful stand-alone evangelistic resource.

Mobile App

The Reach4Life mobile app is available for both Android and iOS. In addition to the complete Reach4Life content, the app features video content, easy navigation between lessons, and a guide on using the program. Download it today!

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