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Featuring Geof Morin

The Word Worth Sharing

Biblica’s President/CEO Geof Morin provides powerful insight from God’s eternal Word, and shares a relevant and timely message of hope for everyone to hear.

Season 1

Ep 1: Heavenly Headlines

Ep 2: We Are Like Sheep

Ep 3: Take Courage

Ep 4: God’s Promise

Ep 5: Be Still

Ep 6: Starry Night

Ep 7: Gods Household

Ep 8: Join Me There

Ep 9: Fourth of July

Ep 10: Blind Corners

Ep 11: Dry Bones

Ep 12: Unmasked

Ep 13: May It Be So

Ep 14: Well-worn Bible

Season 2

Ep 1: Will You Trust God?

Ep 2: Perspective

Ep 3: Jesus Wept

Ep 4: Go Home

Ep 5: Rerun Faithfulness

Ep 6: The Joseph Moment

Ep 7: Bartimaeus Trust

Ep 8: Jesus’ Inauguration

Ep 9: Flip or Flop

Ep 10: Seemingly Impossible Prayer