Bible apps for the unreached and under-served.

Digital Scripture Mobilization

To see the Great Commission fulfilled in our lifetime, we need to see God’s Word reach hearts in places that are beyond the reach of print Bible distribution.

Digital Scripture distribution allows us to mobilize Scripture wider, faster, and cheaper than traditional methods of Bible publishing.

While it’s still critical to provide precious print Bibles in global contexts, Biblica and our determined partners have an exponential kingdom impact when we leverage lightweight digital Bible apps for Gospel outreach.

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Case Studies

Before the Bible Launch

Our digital version of the Contemporary Ndebele Bible saw 15,000 downloads during the six months leading up to the official launch event in Zimbabwe — the launch before the launch!

After the War Started

In 2022, we fast-tracked a Ukrainian Bible app for launch on the day Russia invaded Ukraine. It saw 1.2 million downloads, providing hope when print Bible distribution was impossible.

Beyond Big Bible Apps

The average global smartphone can’t handle the biggest Bible apps in the West. Our lightweight Single Language apps (12MB average) have reached 2 million people and climbing.