Just as You Are and as You Will Be

The 2021 Summer Olympics have come and gone but my mind still wanders back to some of the incredible stories. The events are fun and exciting to watch, for sure, but learning where the athletes come from, about their families, their struggles and triumphs—it gives me great hope. When we

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Dear Friend,  Imagine you had a book that said “Bible” on the front but, when you opened it, all of the pages were blank.  That’s

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“During my six-month tour in Afghanistan, your Bible was a welcomed addition to my daily reading. The introductions to each book were very informative. My

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Waiting Well

More than six years ago I sat in my living room across from a dear friend as she told the group of us about her

Stanley Black

Stanley Black is one of Biblica’s most generous ministry investors. Mr. Black partnered with Biblica for over twenty years to provide God’s Word to people

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How Should the Bible Impact Our Thinking and Actions?

Matthew 28 is a clear mandate.  Go into all the world…and make disciples! The natural inclination of all of us is to serve and minister in the most comfortable places, usually close to home. But that is not what Jesus commanded in the Bible. He told us to go into all of the world, preach the gospel and disciple people.

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Examining the Lord’s Prayer: Does Prayer Make a Difference

Most of us have had a glimpse of the dark side of life: illness, broken relationships, the death of a loved one, or material loss. And when we turn to God in prayer, we are often met with further disappointment and grief as a result of—as yet—unanswered prayer. Still, we know that we must continue in prayer, “[F]or our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”(Eph 6:12).

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Examining the Lord’s Prayer: Why Should We Pray?

Prayer is universal. Every religion has some form of prayer. We pray because we cannot help it. The word “prayer” comes from the Old French preiere which is derived from the Latin prex or precarius meaning “to beg, to entreat in a precarious situation”. Prayer is universal because it speaks to a basic human need — the need for fulfillment, the need for God. As Augustine said in his Confessions, “Our heart is restless until it finds rest in God.”

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13 Reasons to Keep Going

“If you’re listening, you’re too late,” claim the grim posters for the controversial Netflix Original Series 13 Reasons Why, which dropped its second season in

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From the Field
Matt Forté standing with a teenage football player in India during a "Game of Life" event.

Matt Forté’s New Winning Season

What happens when a successful NFL running back and his entrepreneurial wife take an oversea’s trip and hand out Bibles to India’s children and youth?

The Inspiring Story of How the NIV Bible Became a Reality

“The New International Version began as one man’s vision,” explains Barnard. “It became a reality through the hard work and dedication of more than one hundred scholars and through the efforts of thousands of Christians who prayed and gave sacrificially.

Waiting Well

More than six years ago I sat in my living room across from a dear friend as she told the group of us about her