Digital Bible Engagement

Digital Bible Engagement is core to Biblica’s mission. We believe that the Bible should be available to everyone and that when people regularly engage with God’s word, they are transformed.

As the global population spends more and more time online, we need to ensure that Bible is freely available to be read on whatever device a user has, especially in places where technology access is limited by low-end devices and connectivity challenges.

That is why we have invested into a number of key initiatives.


Since the launch of the Apple App Store, Biblica has partnered with YouVersion and the Bible App to provide our scripture to hundreds of millions of people globallyfor free.

Total Chapter Requests

On YouVersion in 2020 Biblica’s translations saw:

  • Over 33 million unique devices (users) accessing our translations
  • There were over 11.2-billion-chapter text and audio requests (over 45% YoY growth)
  • That is an average 341 chapters read by users over the year which means that 93% of the year scripture was accessed once a day
  • 2.7 billion audio chapters were accessed (over 76% YoY growth)
  • There are more than 350 chapter requests per second

While the popular New International Version (NIV) has been on YouVersion for English speakers, so have our accessible and contemporary global translations, in over sixty languages.

Also, as soon as we finish a new translation it is on the Bible App before it has even been printed.

With over 500 million installs worldwide, we are proud to partner with YouVersion and to see people changed and transformed by God’s Word.

YouVersion App Logo


What if those experiencing extreme poverty could access the Bible Online? Without high-end smart phones. Without having to download complex applications that gobble up storage. Without having to pay for a lot
of data every month.

It’s no surprise that high-end smartphones deliver stunning platforms and applications. But more than a  billion people worldwide, particularly in developing countries, access the internet through $30 Android devices and feature phones—and these devices can’t handle the bandwidth, storage, and data usage required by complex apps. For these individuals, accessing the Bible online has not been possible.

Until now.

AIRSCAPE is a powerful technology that allows low-
end smart phones and feature phones to access high performing platforms and applications.

Biblica has harnessed this technology to create a robust Bible app created specifically for low-tech devices.

Partner organizations—including churches and church planting movements—are working with Biblica to get this dynamic Bible reader and audio Bible player into the hands of people around the world.

Airscape Phone Example

The Reach4Life Bible app facilitates change through bringing young people to Christ, discipling them, and teaching them Bible-based life skills addressing issues specific to teens and young adults ages 12 to 25.

Reach4Life Phone Screen

The Choice is Yours

The app seeks to help young people grow in their faith, connect with other young people, and be transformed by the power of God’s word.

There are millions of youth across the world connecting in small groups to growing in their faith.

Now, at the touch of their phone or tablet they can
access videos, reading plans, and devotions that will strengthen them in their faith and give them the
practical tools to live this life well.

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