When Your Whole World Changes


    • When Your Whole World Changes – COVID-19 Special Edition helps people deal with the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic.
    • Based on excerpts from the Bible, this book brings unique perspectives to the experience of anxiety and suffering in the face of the global pandemic.
    • There are 30 devotions that help people explore their emotions in the light of what God has to say about crisis and disaster situations.
    • The devotions set out to:
      • Provide relevant scripture readings
      • Help frame and ask difficult questions
      • Deal with fear and anxiety during lockdown and quarantine situations
      • Share perspectives on the various stages of grief and loss
      • Provide useful activities that can bring about comfort and build spiritual fortitude
      • Give people the opportunity to journal each day in order to express their thoughts.
  • This resource is an effective ministry response to COVID-19 disaster relief.

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The Overcomers


The Overcomers is a first response to provide tweens and teenagers with are source during the global COVID-19 pandemic. It begins the process of helping them find comfort in the midst of the uncertainty and anxiety they are experiencing. Based on Scriptures taken from the easy-to-read NIrV Bible, it assures tweens and teenagers of God’s love and care for them. It provides practical tips and exercises to build emotional resilience and spiritual fortitude. This guide gives tweens and children the basic tools required not just to survive the pandemic, but ultimately – through faith in Jesus and trust in God – to become overcomers.

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