Radically Obedient Discipleship part 3

Radically Obedient Discipleship Part III

This post is the final in our series about Mary, the mother of Jesus, also known as the first disciple. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the first two posts, please take a moment to do so. We’ve learned about the importance of spiritual rhythms and the power

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Brian has a charming, magnetic personality. He is extremely pleasant in public company, and able to make fascinating conversation. This is due partly to his

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom. Most of us would say we possess some measure of it. And yet, we would probably all sign up for more, if it didn’t

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Twenty-five miles down. My legs were tired but still carrying me. The crowd had grown. The cheers were louder and the cowbells increased in number.

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It’s the night before He willingly gives Himself over to death. Jesus shares one final meal with those He has spent the last three years

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It was the first winter weather of the season—a wintry mix of snow and freezing rain and as the wind howled it blew the little

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“Do you know what Advent is?” I asked my children. All three looked at me with puzzled faces. Then one said, “The days until Christmas!”

Qualified through Belonging

It was fall and the campus was full of life with more than 25,000 students roaming the grounds heading to and from class. Freshman looked

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