Day: April 24, 2023

A Word from Geof

Dear Friend,  The Bible tells us that many things in the natural world point to God’s character.   And every year, spring reminds us that even after the deepest, darkest winter, new life is possible. In fact, in the midst of green grass and warm breezes, we may even forget that

One Audio Bible = Six New Churches!

No one should be excluded from God’s Word because they never had the privilege of learning to read. Each time we release a new translation, we also create an audio version to reach the whole community.  Minoti in West Bengal, India, has been glad to get the Bengali Contemporary Version

Ukraine Update

In the midst of the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine, your compassionate gifts continue to offer hope.  One of our partner ministries on the ground there reports that they have been sharing God’s Word and preaching the Gospel as they provide food, shelter, heat, and safety to thousands of people.   As

A Tough Question Answered

“Why would God let me have brain cancer?”  Nobody asks the hard questions better than children, and 6-year-old Matthew in Egypt is no exception.  Praise God, Matthew survived surgery to remove the cancer and recuperated, but he was left with some very big questions about God’s plan for his life