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One Audio Bible = Six New Churches!

No one should be excluded from God’s Word because they never had the privilege of learning to read. Each time we release a new translation, we also create an audio version to reach the whole community. 

Minoti in West Bengal, India, has been glad to get the Bengali Contemporary Version audio Bible. She explains, “[Those who are illiterate] turn to Jesus, and after accepting Jesus as Lord, they share their stories with others. One person in my house church was a shy and introverted person, but after receiving Jesus as Lord and being baptized, he has become very vibrant in the church and he is able to pray publicly and share his faith and blessings with others without any hesitation. Praise God for the audio Bible that helps people to remember the stories and use them in their families and communities. One audio Bible helped me start six new house churches in neighboring villages!” 

Thank you for ensuring that everyone has the chance to know Jesus Christ!


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