MAY 2023

Imagine trying to lead your child to Christ using a Bible with language from 1,400 years ago, or reading about God’s love for you in the language of the people who are dropping bombs on your city, or watching others read God’s Word and knowing you’re excluded because you can’t read. All around the world, millions of people face barriers like these when they try to learn about Jesus through the Scriptures.

But as you’ll see in this issue of Whatever It Takes, your support overcomes those barriers! Because you help provide Bibles in languages and formats that reach people where they are, they can understand the Gospel and grow in their faith. I hope you’ll continue your support to reach more people today!

Your partner in ministry,

Geof Morin

A Tough Question Answered

“Why would God let me have brain cancer?” 6-year-old Matthew in Egypt wanted to know. Thanks to you, a very special Bible allowed youth workers to share an answer that spoke to Matthew’s heart.

Ukraine Update

Hear from our partner ministries distributing the Ukrainian Bibles you helped us translate and send. Because you care, everyone from soldiers to children is hearing God’s message of hope.

One Audio Bible = Six New Churches!

Around the world, millions of people have never had the privilege of learning to read. But your support is still bringing them God’s Word through audio Bibles, and God is using those Bibles mightily!

A Word from Geof

Every year, spring reminds us that new life is possible after even the deepest, darkest winter. God is using your partnership to bring the springs of new life even to places where the “winter” seems most harsh.

Comforting Earthquake Survivors

In the immediate aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria, we set out to raise $250,000 to rush God’s Word to survivors alongside humanitarian aid.

Because we already had partner ministries in the countries, we were able to distribute Bibles in both Arabic and Turkish to people in urgent need of spiritual comfort.

A big thank-you to everyone who contributed to this vital source of hope in the midst of tragedy!

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