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A Word from Geof

Dear Friend, 

The Bible tells us that many things in the natural world point to God’s character.  

And every year, spring reminds us that even after the deepest, darkest winter, new life is possible. In fact, in the midst of green grass and warm breezes, we may even forget that winter cold. 

I may not see quite as much of spring’s reminder as you do. Spring often has a hard time catching up with me as I travel to places from Colombia to Kyrgyzstan to visit the work we’re doing together.  

But everywhere I go, I see new life springing up in the hearts of men, women, youth, and children. Through the translations you support and the Bibles you send, “the old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians 5:17b). 

That “spring” may come most abundantly to the places where the “winter” is most harsh.  

The seed of God’s Word that you help plant is strong enough to take root in the rocky soil of war and persecution. In Ukraine and Vietnam, Iran and Venezuela, the church is growing and producing the fruit of changed lives. 

I hope you get a glimpse of that growth in this issue of Whatever It Takes and you’ll join all of us at Biblica in praising God for His gift of new life.  

Your generosity is an important part of helping hundreds of thousands of people every year say, “I am a new creation!” 

Geof Morin, President/CEO 


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