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Ukraine Update

In the midst of the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine, your compassionate gifts continue to offer hope. 

One of our partner ministries on the ground there reports that they have been sharing God’s Word and preaching the Gospel as they provide food, shelter, heat, and safety to thousands of people.  

As you may remember, most Ukrainians had to read the Bible in Russian until we launched our New Testament in contemporary Ukrainian just as Russia invaded. Reading the Bible in the language of their homeland has been a real comfort to the people of Ukraine, and our partner reports that they are aware of about 20,000 people coming to faith. 

Our partner was also able to distribute 1,326 mp3 players with an audio Bible and a prayer of repentance to soldiers in the trenches. They know that, tragically, many of those soldiers have already lost their lives. They hope that many will have prayed the prayer and they will meet in heaven. 

Meanwhile, churches are using Biblica resources to help children cope with the trauma of war. A Sunday school gave children copies of The Survivors, our trauma-healing book designed especially for kids in crisis. One mother says, “My son brought the coloring book home and now he doesn’t want to color any other pictures, only biblical ones. He’s almost finished coloring the whole book. He asks for another one, and he doesn’t care that it’s the same, with the same pictures.” 

Writing from a shelter as Russian bombs fell around him, partner staff member Valerii concluded, “I am writing these words and tears are flowing down my cheeks because every evacuated person, every distributed ton of food is a whole story, a whole adventure of how our team selflessly risked their lives for the sake of others. And everyone got out alive and well. I believe God is protecting us and we are going to see a great awakening that has already begun in our country once the war is over.” 

Please join us in praying for peace in Ukraine, for the rebuilding of the nation, and for the continued spread of the Gospel to help the people of Ukraine build their lives on a firm foundation. 


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