Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, Biblica has received many questions about the Bible. Listed below are answers to some of these questions. We hope you find these interesting and helpful.

Bible Questions

  1. What is the Bible?
  2. Who Wrote the Bible?
  3. When was the Bible written?
  4. What is the main message of the Bible?
  5. Is the Bible inspired?
  6. Is the Bible true?
  7. How were the books of the Bible chosen?
  8. Why do some Bibles have a section called the Apocrypha?
  9. Why so much war in the Old Testament?
  10. Is the Bible still relevant today?
  11. In what language was the Bible first written?
  12. What are the Dead Sea Scrolls?
  13. Why are there so many versions of the Bible in English?
  14. Do Jews and Christians basically have the same religion?
  15. Is the Bible we have today in English the same as the original Bible?
  16. Is the Bible at odds with science?
  17. In the Bible, we read about “the law”. What does this mean?
  18. How was the Bible distributed before the printing press was invented in 1455?
  19. How many different languages has the Bible been translated into?
  20. Will the Bible of the future be the same as the one we have today?
  21. Why do some Bible translations not use the name Jehovah for God?
  22. Why do some Bible translations not capitalize pronouns referring to God?
  23. Why is the Bible not in chronological order?
  24. Why is the Bible called the Bible?
  25. How does the Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) handle textual criticism for the NIV?
  26. Why is the Bible true?
  27. Why is the Bible important?
  28. Why does the NIV Bible omit or have missing verses?

Biblica/NIV Licensing Questions

  1. How do I license the NIV?
  2. Do I have to notify Biblica to use a Bible verse from the NIV?

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