Why is the Bible important?

First, it’s an amazingly detailed and well-preserved picture of an ancient culture. The Bible can help us understand who we are based on the descriptions and stories of people who lived two to four millennia ago. It shows the development of Hebrew culture over a long period of time, helping us to understand how cultures rise and fall.

The Bible has also motivated scholars and archaeologists to search diligently for locations and people groups. It has provided a structure to fit seemingly random archaeological finds into a context.

One of the most important things about the Bible is that it tells the story of the Creator and his creation. It shares how humans are capable of great things, but also terrible things. It shows us how much the Creator cares for his wayward creation and what he has done to rescue it.

The Bible shares how Jesus, Israel’s long-awaited King, was born humbly, how he loved and served the misfits and outcasts of the world. It tells us how he confronted the powerful and called all people to repent—to turn away from sin (our disobedience and our self-reliant attempts to control and manipulate in order to hang on to power).

The Bible tells the story of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and ascension, how his came to save mankind from an eternity apart from God. In the Bible, we learn that Jesus promised: all who turn from their evil and selfish ways and agree that he is Lord and Savior will have eternal life.

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