For many of us, there’s nothing like holding a printed copy of the Bible. We feel closer to God’s Word when we can feel the weight in our hands and leaf through the pages.

But in a world where distance, cultural differences, and persecution create challenges in sharing the Gospel—and especially in the midst of COVID-19—millions of people need to hear God speak to them through digital and audio versions of the Bible. And for the rising generations, who are growing up in an online world, your support helps ensure that God’s Word meets them where they are.

What are some of the ways digital and audio Bibles are revolutionizing the spread of the Gospel? Read on!


As you know, there are many places in the world where owning a Bible is dangerous and sharing the Gospel is forbidden. In many Muslim-majority nations it’s illegal to print Bibles, and in some it’s also illegal to import printed Bibles.

Radio has long been a valuable tool in these nations, but today, online and digital ministry is creating a new era of access and safety for those who want to explore God’s Word. Your partnership with Biblica means we can make Bibles available—in Arabic, Farsi, and other contemporary-language translations—on USB and SD cards that are easy to import and distribute, as well as through sites with our amazing partners, such as YouVersion. Online churches have sprung up in areas where believers can’t safely meet together. And we’ve been able to create websites with safe, anonymous chat features so that seekers can have their questions answered by Biblica staff.

Even in areas of intense persecution, people can now listen to an audio Bible on their headphones or study the Word in the privacy of their own homes!


Many cultures around the world are based on oral learning rather than reading, while in places of extreme poverty, many people never have the chance to learn to read. Your support helps create audio versions of Biblica’s translations to reach these communities.

In several African nations, for example, one of our partner ministries distributes audio devices featuring Biblica translations in the local language. Thousands of people have heard God speak to their hearts in a very personal way through these devices.


Our thriving Reach4Life program, geared to help children and teens navigate the challenges of peer pressure, sexuality, and more, is centered around peer educators leading small groups. When the pandemic made it unsafe for these groups to meet in person, your support helped peer educators take their groups online.

Through WhatsApp, online discussion groups, and even radio, Reach4Life groups have been providing a lifeline to young people feeling isolated.


Today’s young people are increasingly turning online for information and companionship. And sadly, the online environment is filled with misinformation and harmful content. By supporting ongoing digital work at Biblica, you’re helping to create soundly biblical resources with the answers young people truly need—so they can develop a relationship with their perfect Father in heaven, who will never leave them or let them down.

Digital delivery to reach the rising generations is no longer just a good idea—it’s essential!

Thank you for your partnership to make reading the Bible safer for people in Muslim-majority nations, to bring God’s Word to those who can’t read it for themselves, and to transform the rising generations as they encounter Jesus Christ through digital media.