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Keeping Our Heads Above Water

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A storm has broken over our world. Things that we once considered steady and dependable have been shaken. Uncertainty and fear reign, especially amongst the vulnerable, amongst those who are on the frontlines of the fight against the virus and amongst those who are staring financial ruin in the face. It is overwhelming. How can we, as Christians, keep our heads above water in this particular storm? It is unlike anything any of us has ever had to face. Its …

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Matt Forté’s New Winning Season

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What happens when a successful NFL running back and his entrepreneurial wife take an oversea’s trip and hand out Bibles to India’s children and youth? They want to do more in the only way they know how; by going big and by being bold. “This is where the real work of the Kingdom comes in,” says Matt Forté, who stood out as dual-threat running back and receiver with the Chicago Bears and New York Jets. “What can honor God more …

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Discover Truth: Ask your question today!

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God’s Word is the source of all truth. But sometimes it raises lots of questions! “Who wrote Genesis?” “How do we know the translation we read is reliable?” “What has Levitical law got to do with me?” “How can I better understand God’s Word?” “Why are there so many versions of the Bible?” “Who was Habakkuk?” Whether you’re new to God’s Word or have been reading it for years, there are most likely things you don’t fully understand. Submit your …

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Do Modern Bibles Such as the NIV Leave Out Verses?

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Does the NIV Bible translation omit verses? Does the NIV leave out verses traditionally included in older Bibles? In this article, you’ll learn the answer to these questions and more. You can also watch the video at the top and/or bottom of this page for a more interactive experience. Are There Verses Missing From the NIV Bible? Did you know that modern Bible translations have fewer verses in them than some of the earliest printed Bibles such as the King …