As COVID-19 lockdowns went into effect, we asked ourselves two questions. One, how could we care for the marginalized people we work with every day, who would be severely impacted? Two, how could we care for our Biblica family here at home?

In every crisis, we reach out to partners providing humanitarian aid in hard-hit areas. During the pandemic, we have been able to provide copies of three especially relevant Scripture resources in a variety of languages:

  • A Physician’s Testimony—the books of Luke and Acts, along with testimonies by medical professionals, encouraging people to turn to Jesus Christ for hope alongside their medical care.
  • When Your Whole World Changes: COVID-19 Special Edition—a devotional for adults, focused on God’s steadfast love and good plans for us even in our darkest times.
  • The Survivors: Kids in Tough Places—originally created for children in refugee camps, this encouraging booklet offers activities and Scriptures that help kids make sense of confusing and frightening situations.

In Ethiopia, for example, your support provided 300 copies of The Survivors in Amharic alongside food and other aid. Children loved seeing the bright pictures and friendly text.

And on the Mexican side of the U.S./Mexico border, you sent hundreds of copies of our Spanish NVI Bibles to Pastor Eleuterio Gonzalez, who is feeding and caring for migrants in camps there.

Here at home, with several ministry partners, we launched the Stronger.Bible website so you can send a free NIV Bible to a friend anywhere in the United States. As we write this article, we’ve already mailed nearly 13,093 Bibles! One sender shared, “This is for my 17-year-old daughter who is starting college. This will be her most important textbook.” Another said, “He needs a Bible he can read. He’s 41 years old with Down Syndrome and wants his own Bible.”

Our international staff has prayed for more than 400 individual requests shared on our Prayer Wall, and more than 17,000 people attended our two live online prayer events. You can also find free downloadable resources in multiple languages from Biblica and our trusted partners on our website!

Thank you for your support that makes it possible to share God’s love with marginalized people all around the world. And we hope you’ll take advantage of some of our free resources!