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Fourteen-year-old Jack was doing school work on his mother’s computer when an ad popped up: Send a Bible to someone in the military. “I thought that sounded cool,” Jack says. “I decided to donate enough for one Bible.” Because of his gift, Jack began to receive ministry letters from Biblica.

Overcoming Challenges with Digital Innovation

For many of us, there’s nothing like holding a printed copy of the Bible. We feel closer to God’s Word when we can feel the weight in our hands and leaf through the pages. But in a world where distance, cultural differences, and persecution create challenges in sharing the Gospel—and

A Word from Geof

Dear Friend, We have seen many strong forces at work in our world lately—including illness, financial troubles, anxiety, depression, addiction, and so much more. But God’s Word is stronger. At Biblica, we have seen the power of God’s Word overcome the most brutal and life-destroying forces our world has to


Our Reach4Life youth program has been growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to Biblica supporters like you. The frank, clearly written, Bible-centered lessons on sexuality, peer pressure, and finding God’s will for your life are exactly what millions of young people are searching for today. When the pandemic threatened to


Dear Friend, Young people today consume information in a completely different way than you and I did at their age. Any time they have a question or want to talk to a friend, any moment they’re bored, out comes the cell phone! And in our current reality of social distancing


As COVID-19 lockdowns went into effect, we asked ourselves two questions. One, how could we care for the marginalized people we work with every day, who would be severely impacted? Two, how could we care for our Biblica family here at home? In every crisis, we reach out to partners

They Will Know Us by Our Love

A global pandemic. A modern civil rights movement. A major political election. It’s a lot to process and handle all at once. What seemed like might just be a few short months, life with this pandemic is turning into a long road filled with many blind corners. When will we