Day: June 25, 2018

A word from Stephen

Dear Friend, I’m often slow to admit it, but there are plenty of things that are beyond me. I guess it’s just part of being human. Yes, we all have our limits. But God has no limits! And neither does His Word! Picture for a moment the apostle Paul. He’s

Thank you for making all of this possible!

Every life counts. That’s why each year’s Summer Surge matters so much. The statistics above powerfully show the significance of last year’s 2017 Summer Surge campaign. Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, so many people are being reached with God’s Word – and touched by His love! Please

Love in Action Cuts Through Caste

Many people in India dismiss the caste system as being yesterday’s news. It’s a long-forgotten concept, irrelevant in today’s world, they claim. But caste and class divisions are still endemic among different segments of our communities. There is an invisible line, separating the “upper” from the “lower” – a line

You’re bringing hope to thousands like Karmend

… by putting God’s Word into the hands – and hearts – of those who need it most! As soon as Karmend* awoke, he knew something was wrong. The house was too quiet. He’ll never forget the awful scene he found that morning – of his mother’s and young sisters’ bodies