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A word from Stephen

Dear Friend,

I’m often slow to admit it, but there are plenty of things that are beyond me. I guess it’s just part of being human.

Yes, we all have our limits.

But God has no limits! And neither does His Word!

Picture for a moment the apostle Paul. He’s been faithfully proclaiming the Gospel – and making many enemies along the way. They want to put a stop to his ministry, so they throw him in prison. But how futile to think they could stop the work of God!

As Paul puts it: “I am suffering even to the point of being chained like a criminal. But God’s word is not chained” (2 Timothy 2:9 NIV, emphasis added).

God’s Word can’t be chained… because its power is limitless!

That’s why I’m so excited about this year’s Summer Surge campaign, and I hope you are too. Because no matter the restrictions – poverty, warfare, persecution, illiteracy, tyranny – God’s mighty Word will do its work… shining light into the deepest darkness and offering salvation to the lost.

So can I urge you to pray fervently for this year’s Summer Surge? Let’s ask God to release the power of His unchained Word and speed the day when the whole world has a Bible in their hands!

Please visit to download your special Summer Surge prayer points today. Your prayers are vital to help reach over 10 million people with God’s Word by August 31.

Thank you for impacting so many lives for Christ through your prayers and gifts this summer! May God bless you.

Stephen Cave, Chief Ministry Officer Biblica – The International Bible Society





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