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Martha, Just Below The Surface

We are in the midst of a three-part blog series looking at the life of Mary as our example of living a life of discipleship. If you have not had the opportunity to read the first post I encourage you to go back and take a quick look. A significant part of our discipleship is establishing rhythms that draw us into the Word and the Holy Spirit’s presence. And yet, it doesn’t stop there. Join me for a few moments to see just how much we need one another to stay the discipleship course.

The Coming of the Savior Son

In the northern hemisphere, where we live, it is the darkest time of year. The sun rises later and later each day and sets later

There is Peace in Surrender

This post marks the end of our three-part series from the beginning of Gideon’s story in Judges 6. So if you haven’t read the first

Waiting Well

More than six years ago I sat in my living room across from a dear friend as she told the group of us about her