Romans 16 – NIV & CCBT

New International Version

Romans 16:1-27

Personal Greetings

1I commend to you our sister Phoebe, a deacon16:1 Or servant16:1 The word deacon refers here to a Christian designated to serve with the overseers/elders of the church in a variety of ways; similarly in Phil. 1:1 and 1 Tim. 3:8,12. of the church in Cenchreae. 2I ask you to receive her in the Lord in a way worthy of his people and to give her any help she may need from you, for she has been the benefactor of many people, including me.

3Greet Priscilla16:3 Greek Prisca, a variant of Priscilla and Aquila, my co-workers in Christ Jesus. 4They risked their lives for me. Not only I but all the churches of the Gentiles are grateful to them.

5Greet also the church that meets at their house.

Greet my dear friend Epenetus, who was the first convert to Christ in the province of Asia.

6Greet Mary, who worked very hard for you.

7Greet Andronicus and Junia, my fellow Jews who have been in prison with me. They are outstanding among16:7 Or are esteemed by the apostles, and they were in Christ before I was.

8Greet Ampliatus, my dear friend in the Lord.

9Greet Urbanus, our co-worker in Christ, and my dear friend Stachys.

10Greet Apelles, whose fidelity to Christ has stood the test.

Greet those who belong to the household of Aristobulus.

11Greet Herodion, my fellow Jew.

Greet those in the household of Narcissus who are in the Lord.

12Greet Tryphena and Tryphosa, those women who work hard in the Lord.

Greet my dear friend Persis, another woman who has worked very hard in the Lord.

13Greet Rufus, chosen in the Lord, and his mother, who has been a mother to me, too.

14Greet Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermes, Patrobas, Hermas and the other brothers and sisters with them.

15Greet Philologus, Julia, Nereus and his sister, and Olympas and all the Lord’s people who are with them.

16Greet one another with a holy kiss.

All the churches of Christ send greetings.

17I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them. 18For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people. 19Everyone has heard about your obedience, so I rejoice because of you; but I want you to be wise about what is good, and innocent about what is evil.

20The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.

The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.

21Timothy, my co-worker, sends his greetings to you, as do Lucius, Jason and Sosipater, my fellow Jews.

22I, Tertius, who wrote down this letter, greet you in the Lord.

23Gaius, whose hospitality I and the whole church here enjoy, sends you his greetings.

Erastus, who is the city’s director of public works, and our brother Quartus send you their greetings. 2416:24 Some manuscripts include here May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you. Amen.

25Now to him who is able to establish you in accordance with my gospel, the message I proclaim about Jesus Christ, in keeping with the revelation of the mystery hidden for long ages past, 26but now revealed and made known through the prophetic writings by the command of the eternal God, so that all the Gentiles might come to the obedience that comes from16:26 Or that is faith— 27to the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ! Amen.

Chinese Contemporary Bible (Traditional)

羅馬書 16:1-27


1現在我給你們推薦我們的姊妹菲比,她是堅革哩教會的女執事。 2請你們因為在主裡的關係,照著做聖徒的本分接待她。無論她有什麼需要,請你們幫助她,因為她幫助過许多人,也幫助過我。


3請代我問候百基拉亞居拉夫婦,他們是我在基督耶穌裡的同工, 4為了救我將生死置之度外。不但我感謝他們,就是外族人的教會也感謝他們。 5請問候在他們家中聚會的教會。請問候我所愛的以拜尼土,他在亞細亞最先信主。 6請問候瑪麗亞。她為你們受盡了勞苦。 7請問候安多尼古猶尼亞,他們是我的親人,曾與我一同坐牢,同受患難,在使徒中很有名望,比我先信基督。 8請問候我在主裡所愛的暗伯利9請問候在基督裡與我同工的耳巴奴和我所愛的士大古10請問候亞比利,他在基督裡曾受過考驗。請問候亞利多布全家。 11請問候我的親戚希羅天。請問候拿其數家中的信徒。 12請問候土非娜土富撒,她們都為主勞苦。請問候我所愛的彼息,她為主多受勞苦。 13請問候主所揀選的魯孚,也問候他的母親,他的母親就是我的母親。 14請問候亞遜其土弗勒干黑米八羅巴黑馬和他們當中的其他弟兄姊妹。 15請問候非羅羅古猶利亞尼利亞和他的妹妹、阿林巴和他們那裡的眾聖徒。 16你們要以聖潔的吻彼此問候。基督的眾教會都問候你們。


17弟兄姊妹,我勸你們要留意那些製造分裂、設置障礙、背離你們所學之道的人,你們要避開他們。 18他們並不是在事奉我們的主基督,只是為了滿足自己的慾望,用花言巧語欺騙單純善良的人。 19你們對主的順服已人人皆知,我為你們高興,我希望你們在好事上聰明,在壞事上無知。 20賜平安的上帝快要把撒旦踐踏在你們腳下了。願我們主耶穌的恩典常與你們同在!


21我的同工提摩太和我的親屬路求耶孫所西巴德問候你們。 22我這為保羅代筆寫信的德特在主裡問候你們。 23接待我也接待全教會的該猶問候你們。 24主管本城財政的以拉都問候你們,括土弟兄也問候你們。

25感謝上帝!祂能使你們剛強,正如我所傳講的福音和耶穌基督的教導。這福音是自古隱藏、從未顯明的奧祕, 26如今按著永恆上帝的命令,藉著先知們所寫的經書公諸於世,讓世人都信從耶穌基督。 27願榮耀藉著耶穌基督歸於獨一全智的上帝,直到永遠。阿們!