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Believers who’ve lost everything danced for joy when you helped bring them the hope of God’s Word

What do you do when your home and village are attacked and razed to the ground? Or when your church is bombed and worshippers are gunned down?

You flee. You leave everything behind and run to the mountains to hide.

That’s what our brothers and sisters in Nigeria are facing at the hands of Boko Haram jihadists and Fulani herdsmen. Many believers have lost loved ones, property, and their livelihoods… and they’re deeply traumatized.

Around 2,000,000 Nigerians have been internally displaced—but as you invest in the work of Biblica, you’re helping meet their spiritual needs with Bibles, Christian resources, and discipleship.

Great joy erupted when Biblica recently delivered new Bibles to several displaced persons camps, thanks to generous friends like you. Believers celebrated by singing, dancing, and praying as the local-language Bibles were distributed—grateful to God and to you.

One believer, John, was overcome with emotion. He said:

“Without the Bible we wouldn’t know how to endure and forgive those who attacked us. Thank you!”

Your support also helps disciple children and youth who are especially vulnerable to being forced to convert to Islam.

In February, 111 schoolgirls were kidnapped by Boko Haram jihadists. One month later, 105 of the girls were released after they converted to Islam. Five girls had died. And one girl—a Christian who refused to convert to Islam—is still missing.

Young believers need strength to stand up for their faith during such intense persecution. But you help equip them with God’s Word plus discipleship.

Eunice, a displaced teenager, said:

“Reading the Bible encourages us to put our hope in God. It increases our faith and encourages us to thank God, even in our situation.”

Translation work is vital to help more people in Africa understand God’s Word, as over 500 languages are spoken in Nigeria alone. With your help, Biblica will soon translate the Bible into the commonly spoken Hausa language—to open God’s Word to about 27 million people in Nigeria and Sudan, and impact Muslim communities in West Africa.

Thank you for helping bring the hope of the Bible to displaced people in Nigeria… and please pray that translation work speeds along to fling open more doors for the Gospel in Africa and beyond.


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