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Celebrating the New Ndebele Translation

In June, we celebrated the launch of the new Northern Ndebele translation in Zimbabwe, where it’s one of the two main spoken languages. Our contemporary version will give more than 2 million people the opportunity to fully engage with God’s Word, especially the younger generation that struggles to connect with an older translation.

At the launch event, more than 400 church leaders sang and danced for joy to hold this translation in their hands. “We truly experienced the presence of God,” one participant says.

But a completed translation is the starting line, not the finish line of ministry. From this new translation, we’ll develop innovative Scripture resources in a variety of formats and delivery channels that the people of Zimbabwe need. We’ll also work closely with ministry partners and churches to make sure these resources reach throughout the language community.

Together, we’re unleashing God’s Word in the lives of more people every year. Thank you!

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