This Christmas, for the very first time, 2 million people in Zimbabwe will have access to the story of Jesus’s birth in the language they understand best. That’s the power of your support!

In your Christmas issue of Whatever It Takes, you’ll also hear from kids who are finding hope and comfort in Jesus thanks to the Bibles you sent them, and from a mom in India who is on a journey to healing thanks to your generosity. Their lives are being transformed by the power of Jesus Christ, giving them the opportunity to build the lives they dream of.

I don’t think there could be a better Christmas gift than God’s Word. If you haven’t made a gift yet this season, I hope you’ll do it today!

Your partner in ministry,

Geof Morin

You’re Helping Kids Read the Gospel for Themselves!

For children whose families are experiencing great poverty, owning a Bible was once just a dream. But you made that dream come true, and kids are getting closer to Jesus!

Healing Women’s Hearts in India

Abused by her husband, Lalitha once lived without hope. Hear her tell, in her own words, how the Scripture you sent her has changed her life.

Celebrating the New Ndebele Translation

A new translation in Zimbabwe gives 2 million more people access to God’s Word in a language that speaks to their hearts … thanks to you!

A Word from Geof

On a trip to Ukraine, Geof found a beautiful expression of the Gospel on a statue that had been covered to protect it from bomb damage. Celebrate hope with us this Christmas!

IRA Distribution Gifts — More Benefits than Giving Cash

Year-end is a good time to think about ways to reduce your tax burden while advancing God’s kingdom. If you are over 70 1/2, you can donate part or all of your IRA Required Minimum Distribution to charity, avoiding 2023 income tax on the funds as long as you make your gift by December 31.

IRA gifts to Biblica must be initiated through your IRA administrator to “Biblica, Inc.” Biblica, Inc.’s Tax ID number is 84-1194554. Consult your tax advisor for specific tax implications. Make sure you let us know about your gift so we can thank you!

If you have questions or for more information, please call 1-800-987-3595 or visit our website at biblica.com/ways-to-give.

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