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Healing Women’s Hearts in India

This testimony from India shows how God is using your support to reach women in crisis through Scripture resources like Biblica’s Asha: Journey to Healing, which helps women see how precious they are in God’s eyes. Thank you for helping Lalitha and thousands more find their hope in Jesus!

My name is Lalitha. I belong to a Hindu family. I studied till 10th grade but couldn’t continue my studies due to our family situation. I am married and I live with my family, with my husband and two children.

My husband is a daily wage worker; he is a drunkard and an abuser. He doesn’t much contribute to the family. I stitch clothes for a living and with great difficulty make ends meet. I always thought, “That’s all, my life is finished.” With no hope and expectation, my thoughts were always negative, and this affected my mental well-being. Frustrated with my life, I used to hit my children.

I felt very lonely and rejected with my life, with no light, but Pastor Simon introduced me to a book called Asha. After reading this book, I could see changes in my life. I started feeling a ray of hope within me. I also got introduced to a group where more women like me also attend the group studies on Asha. I have been attending this group the last three months.

My life has completely changed now. I am growing stronger in my faith in Jesus. Now Jesus is my source of strength and has changed my mourning into dancing. I am completely set free by my Jesus. All the lessons in Asha are very useful for me, and I believe that my faith will grow stronger in Jesus as I am determined to continue reading this book.

“Now Jesus is my source of strength and has changed my mourning into dancing.”

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