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Matt Forté’s ‘True vs. Truth’ Podcast Exposes the Self-Defined Truth of Our Culture

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In this day of self-defined truth based on cultural norms and science, it’s becoming more and more difficult to expose the myths and illusions plaguing genuine “truth”. Biblica, alongside former NFL running back Matt Forté and his wife Danielle, is hoping to change that with the launch of the True vs. Truth podcast.

Through a focus on the absolute Truth of God’s living Word, Matt and Danielle bring a powerful, intimate and fresh voice to the growing podcast landscape by discussing issues and challenges that challenge our society today. The world needs this truth, and this podcast is here to accurately provide it through testimonies of God’s faithful, everlasting Word.

True vs Truth podcast guests have included such influencers as Dr. Charlie Dates, the senior pastor of Chicago’s Progressive Church, who is also a professor at Moody Bible Institute and sought after speaker. The Fortés have also interviewed ministry leaders from South Africa and South Asia, and share their own viewpoints on social issues. Upcoming podcast guests are prominent hip hop artists, professional athletes, social commentators and authors.

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Matt and Danielle Forté recording an episode of 'True vs. Truth."

Matt and Danielle Forté recording an episode of ‘True vs. Truth.’

After a highly successful NFL career that spanned ten seasons with the Chicago Bears and New York Jets, All Pro running back Matt Forté quickly established himself as a strong voice for social and faith-based causes. In 2013, he and his entrepreneurial wife, Danielle, established the What’s Your Forté? Foundation to help at-risk and incarcerated teens learn leadership and receive their high school diplomas.

In addition to their philanthropic endeavors, Danielle also developed her own thriving clothing line and launched an IPEC-certified life coach company. Matt Forté is also the Global Ambassador for Biblica, the International Bible Society, where he is able to use his extensive knowledge of professional sports, life experiences, and his strong faith values to influence thousands of young lives around the world.

Biblica is now entering its third century of providing Bibles to millions of people globally in accurate and relevant translations, and creates engaging, life-changing programs that minister to those who live on the margins of the Gospel—the unreached, unengaged, unseen, and the unwanted. The True vs Truth podcast is another powerful platform for influencers to make a significant difference in those who are looking for answers in their lives and in the lives of those they care about.

Through the True vs Truth podcast, Matt and Danielle are ready to take on the toughest and most controversial issues facing our society today. From the struggles of success, crime, family dynamics, professional sports, media, religion and politics, the Fortés are wanting to initiate candid and raw conversations wrapped with a strong Biblical worldview.

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