Chinese family transformed by the treasure of God’s Word

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When a church started meeting next door to Sister Zhao’s house in China, she was furious. “I did everything I could to make it difficult for them,” she says.

The believers were gracious to her, and they told her God loved her – even offering practical help on her farm. “My husband became ill, and I was doing all the work by myself. One morning, a number of church members began helping me. They were like angels.”

Zhao’s heart began to change toward the believers, and she started volunteering in the church’s kitchen whenever they had large gatherings. Then something wonderful happened:

“The church was given a large number of Bibles. One of the members offered me one, and I accepted and brought the book home. My son, who is a good reader, began to read it. He told me, ‘Mother, this book is a treasure.’

“He started to read the Bible to me. It changed my life and the life of my entire family!

“I cannot express how thankful I am that my son picked up the Bible and read it. We became Christians, and today I am the church chef. My entire family is active in the church, and our grandchildren are also hearing about Jesus and they believe.

“Our home is filled with joy and peace. We are so thankful Bibles were brought to our church so one could be given to us.”

God’s Word changes lives! Your generosity helps make it possible for people like Zhao in China to receive a Bible and experience God’s love for themselves.

There’s a limited-time opportunity right now to provide 25,000 Bibles to spiritually hungry people in rural China – but only if the funding gap is met. It costs just $6 to provide a Bible for one Chinese person… so please give generously!

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