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Dear Friend, 

Don’t you wish we could give everyone in the world a Bible tomorrow—in the language they dream in and a format that helps them truly engage with God’s Word? 

I wish we could, too. Instead, we need to prioritize the most critical Scripture needs around the world, to ensure we’re devoting our resources where they’ll help the most people and make the greatest impact. That’s why we’re focused on three of our Global Urgent Initiatives during this year’s Summer Surge. 

Global Urgent Initiatives are existing projects that we have identified as needed most—projects that cannot wait 2–3 years for funding as they are time sensitive and focus on the needs of a world in crisis today. 

The funds we raise through Summer Surge will help meet some of our most crucial short-term goals: 

  • Persecuted People: Sharing the Gospel in areas where it’s not welcome and equipping believers to live under persecution 
  • Trauma Healing: Providing long-term Gospel-centered resources that help survivors on the long journey from victim to victor and from hopelessness to spiritual resilience 
  • Church Planting: Helping new churches survive and thrive by training pastors and giving Bibles to the congregations so they can grow in spiritual maturity

From first encounters with the Gospel to a solidly established spiritual community, your support is encouraging people along the path to spiritual growth through these Global Urgent Initiatives. Thank you for your partnership this summer! 

Geof Morin, President/CEO 

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