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Here’s What God Did Through Biblica in 2017

“Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me.” – Psalm 66:16, NIV

At Biblica, we have the awesome privilege of stewarding God’s Word – translating it into the world’s major languages, providing it for those who don’t have access, and encouraging people to read and engage with it so their lives can be transformed by Christ. We’ve seen God do so many amazing things. And like the Psalmist, we would like to tell you what He has done.

Here are just a few of the many great and marvelous things God did through Biblica in the past year:

In Ukraine, a man began to “realize God better” because of a Biblica translation.

“Praise the Lord for you and for your New Russian Translation. I thank Jesus that you translated the Bible in a GOOD UNDERSTANDABLE WAY. Many, many people in CIS [Commonwealth of Independent States] countries can’t fully understand the Bible because most churches use the old Sinodalniy version (1876). I recommend your translation to my friends. I began to realize the meaning better, I began to realize rules better, I began to realize history better… I BEGAN TO REALIZE GOD BETTER!”

Biblica produced “Dear Theo,” a special edition of Luke/Acts for 8-12 year olds.

“This will be suitable for use in homes, churches and schools and will make it incredibly easy for adults to get involved and help facilitate the best possible reading experience for the children and ultimately, the best possible opportunity for the children to meet Christ.”

People responded to Biblica’s Chichewa Bible translation launch in Malawi.

“Give me a box of those Bibles! I have to distribute them to my people in the village!”

“I enjoy reading this translation and everywhere I go to preach, I use this version because it is simple and clear. At the end of the service, people ask, ‘What version were you reading from and where can we get it?’”

Refugee children received God’s Word.

“We will be distributing ‘The Survivors’ [Biblica’s booklet of Bible verses for children] in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. In partnership with Biblica, we will also help distribute in Europe.” – Jenn Brown, OneHope

In Kenya, East Africa, Biblica trained pastors to study and teach Scripture.

“The Bible, the Word of God, serves as proof that God said it. A study Bible enhances that truth by giving background and context. This training ensures that we know this and assures us that, armed with this knowledge and tools, we shall be more useful to our people and ultimately to Christ as His ambassadors.” – Pastor Kosgey

 A donor realized the urgency of getting God’s Word into people’s hands.

“I wish I had started giving sooner! I saw the work International Bible Society was doing and loved that it was reaching all nations with the Word of God in the language the people spoke. There are millions of people who still do not have the Word of God in their language, yet every nation needs to hear of Him! This is why I have a deep love for literature and love what Biblica does.”

Displaced children and young people in Nigeria were reached with Scripture.

After being driven from their homes and communities by terrorist group Boko Haram, families are struggling to survive in IDP camps. Biblica is responding to the need with Reach4Life, leading youth to Christ and helping them remain strong in the faith through a year-long discipleship program. The hope and comfort of God’s Word is being provided to younger children through the Treasure Hunt Bible.

Biblica’s new Accessible Bible spoke to people with disabilities.

“My wife and I were saying that if we had [The Accessible Bible] when we first converted, we’d have got a lot further on in our understanding of Christ’s calling. I have Asperger’s and my wife’s got mild learning disabilities. It gladdens our hearts knowing that the next generation of Christians with a disability can read the Bible without feeling excluded.”

Children in impoverished neighborhoods in Europe received copies of God’s Word.

“I will be able to learn about Jesus!” – Lucy, age 7

“Receiving a Bible made my wish come true!” – Ella, age 4

“I’m going to read this Bible.” Zara, age 7

“It’s my first Bible,” Brooke, age 9

Other exciting highlights:

  • Arabic Audio Bible completed
  • 8 full Bible translations completed
  • 3 New Testaments completed
  • 34 translation projects and 10 audio Bible projects underway
  • 3,729 decisions for Christ (218 of those in China)
  • 2.8 billion online Bible interactions, in partnership with YouVersion

Thank you for helping to make all of this possible. Your faithful support is being used by God to bring hope to the hopeless, light to the lost, and comfort to those who are grieving. Because of your generosity, people are putting their faith in Christ and having their lives transformed.

Please continue to pray for those who have received God’s Word this year, and for all those who are still waiting to read it in a language they can understand.

You can reach a child with the comfort of Scripture by partnering with us today. Your gift this December will help us share God’s Word with 1,000,001 children.

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