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Matt Forté’s New Winning Season

What happens when a successful NFL running back and his entrepreneurial wife take an oversea’s trip and hand out Bibles to India’s children and youth? They want to do more in the only way they know how; by going big and by being bold. “This is where the real work

Bring Your Bible to School Day, October 4th, 2018

Biblica partners with Focus on the Family When prayer and Bible reading were “removed” from American public schools (U.S. Supreme Court cases in 1962 and 1963), many people falsely assumed that religion had been banned. In some cases, officials mistakenly believed the rulings gave them the authority to unfairly infringe

For Less than 67 Cents, You Can Introduce a Young Person in India to Jesus

“I didn’t make it to the NFL on my own,” admits Rashied Davis, formerly a wide receiver for the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. “God put people in my life who helped me accomplish everything I’ve been able to accomplish. So it’s been my life mission from the time I met Christ to give back to those who deal with the same stuff I grew up with.”
Today Rashied has retired from the National Football League and serves as a Biblica Ambassador. And one of the Biblica projects that is especially close to his heart is The Game of Life—a sports program that is providing young people in India with the opportunity to be impacted by athletics, discipleship, testimonies of Christian athletes in their country, and the Word of God.

NFL Stars Team Up with Biblica for Sports-Themed Outreach in South Asia

Four NFL veterans have teamed up with Biblica, the International Bible Society (, to throw their weight behind a sports outreach that aims to score with thousands of young people in South Asia through “the other football.” Photo: Former NFL star Rashied Davis with participants in a soccer event in

What Goes Into Recording an Audio Bible in Another Language?

While audio Bibles are a powerful tool for evangelism and discipleship, and a life-changing gift for people with reading difficulties, creating them can be a long and labor-intensive process. But that hasn’t kept Biblica from seeking to produce high-quality audio Bibles for all of our contemporary translations.