For Less than 67 Cents, You Can Introduce a Young Person in India to Jesus

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“I didn’t make it to the NFL on my own,” admits Rashied Davis, formerly a wide receiver for the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. “God put people in my life who helped me accomplish everything I’ve been able to accomplish. So it’s been my life mission from the time I met Christ to give back to those who deal with the same stuff I grew up with.”

Today Rashied has retired from the National Football League and serves as a Biblica Ambassador. And one of the Biblica projects that is especially close to his heart is The Game of Life—a sports program that is providing young people in India with the opportunity to be impacted by athletics, discipleship, testimonies of Christian athletes in their country, and the Word of God.

Biblica Europe originally developed the program with the goal of reaching Rugby fans. The program was so successful, it has been adapted by Biblica South Asia. A core element of the program is the distribution of a book, titled The Game of Life, that contains the entire text of Luke and Acts, plus five powerful testimonies from big league Indian soccer players.

Through a partnership with the Sports Coalition of India, Biblica intends to distribute 90,000 copies of The Game of Life to India youth through sports camps.

And because each copy of The Game of Life is being produced for less than 67 cents, it’s an opportunity for participating donors to reach a sobering number of lives. A donation of $100, for example, provides The Game of Life to about 150 young people, some of whom will share the Good News they hear with their families.

Some of the young people who attend The Game of Life sports camps are from Muslim homes. Others are turning to athletics to escape heart-wrenching circumstances, including drug addiction or surviving as an orphan on the streets of India. For most, The Game of Life will be the first time they have received Scripture in any format.

During a recent trip to India, Rashied participated in a soccer camp and said, “This is something that drives me. I see how sports changed my life and helped lift me out of hopeless circumstances. Jesus became a part of that and I know that it is the same for these kids. I see myself in them and want to help as God opens doors.”

Rashied Davis speaking to Game of Life participants in India.

All of The Game of Life Chapters—the books of Luke and Acts as well as the testimonies of five famous athletes—are available in English, Malayalam, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

Lives are already being impacted. One young sports fan who read The Game of Life had this to say: “I just read the testimony of Jeje [Lalpekhlua] and it’s awesome! I love him so much and I just found out that he is a man of God; this is encouraging and motivating me.”

Tamiz, a believer who ministers at the sports camps, reports, “In Sports Ministry, we engage people with games and later share the Gospel with them. This book is really useful. People love the football players in the book. This book mentions many football players testimonies – how God changes their lives and how they were able to achieve. Everyone who participated in the tournament heard about God, about God’s love and how God transforms people.”

Biblica is seeking to raise $60,000 to be able to affect 90,000 young people in Southeast Asia in 2018. Few projects provide the opportunity to impact so many for so little. For less than 67 cents, you can provide The Game of Life to a teenager in India. For example, a gift of $100 allows us to distribute The Game of Life to 150 young people. A gift of $500 puts Scripture (and the testimonies of Christ-following sports heroes) into the hands of 750 young people.

The power of sports ministry to open doors in the hearts and minds of kids, and to overcome barriers and reach otherwise unreached groups, makes this opportunity particularly exciting.

“Working with the young athletes here in India has been a tremendous experience,” says Rashied. I’m thankful to God, to Jesus Christ, that I’m able to be here to witness something with Biblica that is so powerful.”

Because each copy of The Game of Life is being produced for less than 67 cents, it’s an opportunity for participating donors to reach a staggering number of lives. And thanks to a challenge grant from our generous friends, your contributions during the month of September will be DOUBLED.

We know that when you donate, it means a sacrifice on your part, and we don’t take that lightly. We are so grateful for your willingness to give today, so that an unreached young person can experience hope and transformation today and for eternity. Donate today and help transform the lives of youth in India.

To launch the  #GoalCampaign on social media, Rashied Davis sat down with three of his former Chicago Bears teammates, Matt Forte, Anthony “Spice” Adams, and Ray McElroy to discuss the Bible and the impact it is having in India through the Game of Life program. Visit the Goal Campaign page on our website to watch these videos.

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