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Love in Action Cuts Through Caste

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Many people in India dismiss the caste system as being yesterday’s news. It’s a long-forgotten concept, irrelevant in today’s world, they claim. But caste and class divisions are still endemic among different segments of our communities. There is an invisible line, separating the “upper” from the “lower” – a line that we, as believers, need to destroy with our actions and not just our words. The caste system is an issue that is paralyzing India’s progress. It even plays out …

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The Costly, Yet Eternally Rewarding Life of Being a Bible Translator

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For Mathew Varghese, the road to becoming a Bible translator was long and difficult. It required a great deal of time and prayer, along with some serious sacrifices. Mathew was born into a Syrian Orthodox family. As a baby, his parents dedicated him to become a priest in the Syrian Orthodox Church. “When I was 15 years old,” he says, “I had my first encounter with the Lord. My Sunday school teacher introduced me to the Lord Jesus Christ and …