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Radical Gratitude: Overcoming Uncertainty with Thanksgiving

For a few years now, Biblica has been animated by a concept that we call “radical generosity.” What happens when we seek to mirror the radical generosity of our God by giving away everything we possibly can? One expression of this is freely releasing global Bible translations under Creative Commons

The Unseen Heroes: Celebrating Bible Translators as Epic Storytellers

Generations of storytellers have stirred human hearts with tales of unspeakable beauty, ferocious evil, and epic battles everywhere in between. These stories aren’t the kind where a mother glares at her six-year-old and says, “You’re quite the storyteller, young man.” These are stories that get at something deep and true

Biblica + Axis Partnership – Parenting Relationships Summit Feb 14 – 28

Axis and Biblica Partner to Bring the Parenting Relationships Summit Nationwide Learn how to better parent teens or pre-teens from some of the most informed voices in faith and culture Colorado Springs, CO, February 4, 2019—We all know culture is changing everyday and our teens and pre -teens face tremendous

Love in Action Cuts Through Caste

Many people in India dismiss the caste system as being yesterday’s news. It’s a long-forgotten concept, irrelevant in today’s world, they claim. But caste and class divisions are still endemic among different segments of our communities. There is an invisible line, separating the “upper” from the “lower” – a line

Biblica Announces Appointment of Geof Morin as New CEO

Biblica is excited and proud to announce the appointment of ministry leader Geof Morin as our new CEO. Geof is an ordained minister who comes to Biblica after 11 years of service with the American Bible Society based in Philadelphia.

Bring Your Bible to School Day, October 5th, 2017

Biblica partners with Focus on the Family When prayer and Bible reading were “removed” from American public schools (U.S. Supreme Court cases in 1962 and 1963), many people falsely assumed that religion had been banned. In some cases, officials mistakenly believed the rulings gave them the authority to unfairly infringe