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Only God’s Word Restores

In the brokenness and uncertainties of the world, Isaiah 43:19 stands as a beacon of hope. It proclaims God’s ability to bring renewal and restoration, even in the most desolate circumstances. This verse echoes throughout history, reminding us that God is constantly at work, bringing forth new life and hope

Reach4Life Helps Abandoned Twin Sisters Receive the Love of Christ

“Pow! Pow! Pow!”  Gunfire rings through the ominous streets of a favela (ghetto) controlled by dangerous, criminal, drug-trafficking gangs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s a common occurrence in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. With police unwelcome in the favela, there’s little hope that the violence

Against All Odds: A Bible’s Journey Into Hostile Territory

Full disclosure: this is going to be an unusual ministry update. The story is very sensitive. We can’t even share the names of the countries or partners involved. The risk is simply too high. Brave Muslim background believers could lose their lives. The ministries supporting them could be shut down.

Ellis Island: Where Hope Met Scripture

Picture the scene: Ellis Island, 1892. Weary travelers from distant lands, clutching their belongings and dreams, stepping onto the shores of a new world. A bustling hub of humanity, where dreams collided with uncertainty, and hope hung in the balance. A mother clutches her daughter’s hand tightly as they navigate

“Choose Life:” Biblica Celebrates 20 Years of Reach4Life

Three Million Youth Reached. Millions More Still Waiting. This month, Biblica’s flagship discipleship program for teens celebrates 20 years of young lives changed. In January 2004, Reach4Life launched in South Africa as a Bible-based response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Today the Reach4Life Bible has been published in 40 languages, impacting