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We provide the Bible in accurate, contemporary translations and formats so that more people around the world will have the opportunity to be transformed by Jesus Christ.

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  • There Are No Longer Any Aliens in the Bible. Why Not?

    In 1965, a cross-denominational gathering of evangelical scholars agreed to start work on a modern English version of the Bible. In order to ensure both accuracy and readability, they chose to translate from the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic manuscripts. They soon formed the Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) – the self-governing body responsible for this ambitious task. Members brought+

Biblica: Home of the NIV Bible Translation

Biblica is the translation sponsor of the New International Version Bible. With over 600 million copies in print and countless digital versions, it is the most trusted modern Bible translation in the world.

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Real-time requests for Scripture across all Biblica versions.
(starting in 2013)

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