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Like the NIV itself, the NIV Study Bible is the work of a transdenominational team of Biblical scholars [more about the NIV Bible]. All confess the authority of the Bible as God’s infallible word to humanity. They have sought to clarify understanding of, develop appreciation for, and provide insight into that word. This website provides the “Introductions to the Books of the Bible” that are found in the NIV Study Bible.

Each introduction to each book of the Bible is different. Introductions vary in length and reflect both the nature of the material itself and the strengths and interests of contributing editors.

An introduction frequently reports on the book’s title, author, and date of writing. It details the books background and purpose, explores themes and theological significance, and points out special problems and distinctive literary features. Where appropriate, such as in Paul’s letters to the churches, it describes the original recipients of a book and the city in which they lived.

A complete outline of the book’s content is provided in each introduction (except for the introduction to Psalms). For Genesis, two outlines—a literary and a thematic—are given. Pairs of books that were originally one literary work, such as 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, and 1 and 2 Chronicles, are outlined together.

Certain kinds of material have been made more accessible through the use of the following symbols:

trowel imageThe trowel points out where archaeological data can be found.
personThe character symbol occurs where certain book introductions provide descriptions and/or characterizations of a person or a people.


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