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Thin Mints and Cornfields and Knives, Oh My!

In Bible, Op-Eds by Karen Scalf Bouchard

Around seven in the evening, the doorbell rang. I grabbed a butcher knife from a kitchen drawer and hurried to the front door. Someone rang the doorbell a second time. I slid the knife behind my back, took a deep breath and reached for the knob, my hand shaking. I’d been married a whole month and had just moved with my new husband from a very populated city in Southern California to a house surrounded by cornfields in Indiana. That …

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Heaven: Fairy Tale or Eternal Destination?

In Op-Eds by Karen Scalf Bouchard

Despite being diagnosed with ALS at 21 and given two years to live, Stephen Hawking lived decades beyond his predicted death, eventually dying at the age of 76. It’s easy to imagine that living more than 50 years on borrowed time may have inspired him to think about heaven now and then. In addition, the renowned physicist, by nature of his career, spent a lot of time pondering big-picture questions, like those surrounding the origin of the universe. And here’s …

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After Walking an Hour to a Nearby Village, Their Lives Were Changed

In Ministry by Biblica Staff

In partnership with Biblica, ServeNow conducted children’s camps and medical clinics in Punjab, India in June 2018, sharing the hope of God’s Word with 250 children – children like Manu and Shanti who live in poverty, some of whom have lost their parents. These are boys and girls who are desperate for both physical and spiritual care.

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Examining the Lord’s Prayer: Why Should We Pray?

In Bible by Hans Combrink

Prayer is universal. Every religion has some form of prayer. We pray because we cannot help it. The word “prayer” comes from the Old French preiere which is derived from the Latin prex or precarius meaning “to beg, to entreat in a precarious situation”. Prayer is universal because it speaks to a basic human need — the need for fulfillment, the need for God. As Augustine said in his Confessions, “Our heart is restless until it finds rest in God.”