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This Bible Translator Didn’t Always Understand the Bible Like He Does Today

In Bible by Biblica Staff

Biblica also recognizes the need for ongoing Bible translation. Language changes over time, Stefano explains. In Indonesia, it’s changing rapidly. Some text books printed in the 1980s are no longer useful. The Indonesian Bible that Biblica is currently working on will help bridge the gap between old and new language, making Scripture more accessible to everyone, especially young people and unbelievers.

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The Nature and Challenges of Bible Translation

In Bible by Hans Combrink

Introduction In this series of three articles, we will firstly look at the nature and challenges of  Bible translation and how a theology of translation is firmly rooted in Scripture. In the second article, we will more closely consider the place of Bible translation in Biblica’s Mission and Vision, looking at the centrality of Bible translation in all we do as well as its historical development. In the third, we will unpack Biblica’s translation philosophy, strategy and global translation portfolio, …

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The Costly, Yet Eternally Rewarding Life of Being a Bible Translator

In Bible, Ministry by Biblica Staff

For Mathew Varghese, the road to becoming a Bible translator was long and difficult. It required a great deal of time and prayer, along with some serious sacrifices. Mathew was born into a Syrian Orthodox family. As a baby, his parents dedicated him to become a priest in the Syrian Orthodox Church. “When I was 15 years old,” he says, “I had my first encounter with the Lord. My Sunday school teacher introduced me to the Lord Jesus Christ and …

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What Good is the Bible if It’s Not Available in Your Language?

In Ministry by Stephen Cave

What do you think of when you hear the words “Bible translation work”? Maybe you envision grey-headed missionaries bent over a make-shift desk in a thatched hut somewhere in rural Africa, translating God’s Word into the language of a primitive tribe. Or maybe it doesn’t conjure any visions. Maybe you think Bible translation work is a thing of the past, something that’s no longer needed.