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Bruce Marchiano on Portraying Jesus

In Op-Eds by Bruce Marchiano

I will never forget the first time I was asked to play Jesus. The film was The Gospel of Matthew, a Word-for-Word dramatization in the NIV. The director (South African, Regardt van den Bergh) was looking for a “more real, down-to-earth looking Jesus” as opposed to the traditional statuesque figure. He was looking for an actor who was born again.

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When Reading the Bible Becomes Fresh Again

In Bible by Biblica Staff

Just imagine being a pastor, charged with motivating your congregation to read God’s Word. How do you get new believers – and unbelievers – to take the plunge, jumping into what they might consider a “difficult read”? And how do you fire up your old guard and get them to re-engage with the Bible?

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God’s Word is Helping Prisoners Break Free From Spiritual Chains

In Ministry by Biblica Staff

It’s more than just the loss of freedom. More than the captivity. Besides being held inside the secure walls, doors, and fences, the inmates at Leeuwkop Prison have something else to deal with. Located just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa, the inmate population at Leeuwkop is suffering from the same thing the rest of the country is suffering from: the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Approximately 600 of the 4,500 prisoners are HIV-positive. It is in this high-risk, often hopeless environment that God’s …

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The Truth About Refugees

In Op-Eds by Amelia James

Regardless of where you stand politically on this issue, there are registered, vetted and documented refugees currently living in the United States, in your cities, and in your neighborhoods. Before He left, Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations. The nations have come to us. They are literally our neighbors.