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An Attitude of Gratefulness is Important to God

In Featured by Biblica Staff

If you live in the United States, when you hear the word “Thanksgiving,” you probably think of Pilgrims, Native Americans and a huge feast involving turkey and pumpkin pie held to celebrate the harvest. While the story of the first Thanksgiving does involve some of those elements, “giving thanks” to God began much earlier than the 1600s.

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Is the Reformation Still Relevant Today?

In Op-Eds by Hans Combrink

We live in a world of multimedia where we connect via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and YouTube. Our daily lives are run by apps on tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and exercise devices. In the medical field, we benefit from retinal implants, artificial pancreases, bionic limbs and lenses. Technological advances bring us camera pills, tooth chips, brain implants, artificial memory and artificial intelligence — the boundaries between human and machine blurring with every passing day. On October 31, 2017, the world …

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Streetlights’ Hip Hop Inspired Audio Bible is a Game Changer For Youth Ministry

In Ministry by Biblica Staff

“Are you in Colorado?” It’s the first thing Esteban Shedd wants to know when we finally get our computers to synch for a video call. He’s in Chicago and is curious about our weather. I assure him that I am in Colorado and that there is a stunning view of Pikes Peak just beyond the blinds I’ve shut to reduce the glare. It apparently hasn’t been entirely successful because, according to Esteban, the light is seeping through and I am …