NIV Bible Endorsements

Pastors, teachers, and Bible scholars trust the New International Version (NIV) to faithfully communicate the Word of God in contemporary English. Here’s what they had to say about why they rely on the NIV Bible as they share God’s Word with the world.

The NIV is a gift to the church. Its clear, readable English is accurate to the original languages, communicating the Bible’s rich message in a way that will reach people of all ages, education, and spiritual maturity.

Tremper Longman III
Professor of Biblica Studies / Westmont College

The NIV communicates the message of the original authors of Scripture better than any translation I’m aware of. This is THE translation for our generation.

Andy Stanley
Founder / North Point Ministries

In my estimation, the NIV provides the best translation to the original text while using a language style that is easier for contemporary folks to understand. I have started using the new NIV with the same confidence I have had all these years. I believe with all my heart that this translation will fill the lives of people today with great joy.

Randy Frazee
Senior Minister / Oak Hills Church, San Antonio

The NIV will now continue to be at the forefront of modern English Bibles as the best translation for both public and private use. It combines accuracy and readability better than any other translation.

Larry Hart
Professor of Theology / Oral Roberts University

The New International Version follows in the same tradition as the King James Version, although it is tailor-made for the way English is spoken around the world today. The NIV is the most popular translation today because it remains faithful to the original Scriptures while being easy for people to understand.

Charles Stanley
Senior Pastor / First Baptist Church in Atlanta

This is an exceptional translation, designed to be read and heard in an idiom that we can understand.

Scot McKnight
Professor of New Testament / Northern Seminary

The updated NIV will be my next Bible of choice. Its balanced approach to translation that values equally fidelity to the languages and meaning of the original texts is just what we need.

Mark Young
President / Denver Seminary

I enjoy reading and preaching from the NIV here in our ministry in New York City. After more than 25 years, it continues to be my favorite version of God’s Word.

Jim Cymbala
Pastor / Brooklyn Tabernacle

As a pastor who is passionate about communicating the Gospel, I’m thankful for the NIV and how the Committee on Bible Translation carefully reviews and updates the translation to best reflect the language of this generation.

Craig Groeshel
Pastor / LifeChurch.TV

The scholarship that produced this version is excellent, both in text and translation decisions. For this, believers everywhere can and should thank God for the NIV, because it is what it purports to be: the eternal word of God in the language of English-speaking people today.

Daniel B. Wallace
Professor of New Testament Studies / Dallas Theological Seminary

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