He appointed military officers over the people and assembled them before him in the square at the city gate and encouraged them.

2 Chronicles 32:6

All across our country, our troops are holding themselves in readiness to serve on the frontlines of protecting our country.

And among all the gear our troops will take with them when they’re far from home, thousands of them urgently want to pack a Bible. That’s why we are asking you to help provide our Military with Bibles.

It costs just $7 to provide one Military Bible, filled with specific content and prayers to meet the unique needs of our service members.

Col. Will Hensen, a military chaplain, explains …

“Soldiers are hungry for God’s Word—especially in a combat zone. They’re looking for faith and resilience to overcome the challenges and the fear of dying. [On the field] there wasn’t a day I didn’t have somebody asking for a Bible.

“Soldiers will ask for advice and for prayer. Having God’s Word to distribute is the best advice I could possibly give. What a terrible thing it would be for a military chaplain to run out of Bibles.”