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Q&A With Carl

Q: What are you most excited about for the coming year?

A: I believe God’s calling us to expand the reach of His Word so more lives can be transformed for eternity. Millions still lack God’s Word in a language they can easily understand. Without the Bible, people are perishing. They don’t know there’s any purpose or healing or hope in life. Our world needs the Bible now more than ever.

So together, we need to focus on three areas of life-transforming ministry: Bible translation, Bible access, and Bible engagement.

Q: What new initiatives will help reach more people with God’s Word?

A: With the help of our donors, we’ll be working on exciting new initiatives like the first Accessible Bible for use by adults with learning disabilities – which will open the Scriptures to one of the largest unreached people groups in the world.

New translations are also on the way to unlock God’s Word for a potential 4 billion people who don’t yet have the Bible in a language they can easily understand.

Finally, we’re producing new audio and digital versions of the Scriptures in a host of languages, to overcome the barriers of illiteracy and isolation, and reach those who’ve previously been unreachable due to poverty or persecution.

It’s exciting to think about how lives will be transformed through God’s powerful Word through these strategic programs – and so many more in the months ahead!

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