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A New Bible for India!

In India, your support is helping to give 16.3 million people the first-ever complete Bible in their language. 

Chhattisgarh is one of 28 states in India. Located in the center-east of the country, Chhattisgarh has 533 people groups, with 501 of them unreached. 94% of the population identifies as Hindu, with only 519,800 reported Christians—creating an enormous need for a Chhattisgarhi translation for evangelism. 

Work on the Chhattisgarhi translation began in 2014, and the New Testament was released in 2018. This contemporary translation resonates with the younger generation, and after it was uploaded to YouVersion, more than 600,000 chapter and audio requests poured in from around the world. 

We’re excited to report that the initial translation of the Old Testament is now complete and being checked for accuracy and clarity through our rigorous processes.  

Most recently, the translators have been conducting oral testing, reading the text aloud to a small group of Chhattisgarhi speakers. One woman responded eagerly, “The Bible being made into Chhattisgarhi is very beneficial for us. By it we will get to learn more of God in our language and will be able to tell people in their own language. We want this work to be completed as early as possible!” 

As news about the upcoming completed Bible continues to spread, more and more people are awaiting it with anticipation and joy. At a recent church gathering, one of the translation team members held up a Bible and asked the congregation, “This Bible which I read in Hindi, some read in English or Oriya. What will you feel if you read this Bible in Chhattisgarhi?” 

“We will feel so good!” many people said. Another man stood up in excitement and said, “To understand the language will be simple! Those many words in Hindi which we do not understand, it will be excellent if the Bible comes in Chhattisgarhi, all will listen. It is a subject of great blessing. Let the Name of God be glorified. It MUST come to pass!” 

Currently, we’re on track to release the Old Testament in August 2024. As part of our commitment to do whatever it takes to bring God’s Word to the most people as quickly as we can, we’ll launch digital and audio versions alongside the print version. This will meet both younger and older Chhattisgarhi speakers where they are and open God’s Word even to those who have never had the opportunity to learn to read. 

Thank you for supporting this incredible progress! Please join us in praying that God will use this new translation to reach millions of Chhattisgarhi speakers for His glory. 


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