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Sharing the Truth of God’s Word with Parsee Muslims

About 8 million Parsee Muslims from around the world travel every year into the Middle East as tourists to various Islamic holy sites. Parsees are a community of Muslims who migrated out of Persia during 7th century AD and today follow a pre-Islamic paganism. Although they reject the Bible, they do accept the biblical prophets – because they’re mentioned in the Quran.

Through the investment of friends like you, Biblica has produced a new booklet in Parsee to share the stories of biblical prophets, including Abraham, Ezra, Nehemiah, Daniel, Job, Nahum, Isaiah, and Jonah. There’s also an invitation to read the Bible.

The first order of 160,000 booklets has been printed, and our partners on the ground in Iraq have begun distributing them to Parsee Muslims.

Please pray God will use these booklets to speak into the hearts of these Muslims and lead them to explore God’s Word. And thank you for helping to make this exciting new project possible!

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