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A Word from Geof

Dear Friend, 

This is a Bible in Zambia. It’s the only Bible an entire church had. It was passed from hand to hand, new believer to new believer, and was studied, loved, and cherished. The cover came off and still it was read. The pages came loose and were crinkled and bent at the edges, rubbed and worn, and still it was read. Because this is the Word of God, the source of truth, God speaking directly to them. They were not taking that for granted. 

So imagine the joy in churches like this when I was there this spring with a shipment of 10,000 Bibles you helped send. Brand new, shining and clean, but most importantly, packed with truth and so MANY of them. A Bible to keep at home to read with the whole family whenever they wanted. No more only hearing God’s Word from the pastor on Sundays. People sang. They danced. They fell to their knees or flat on the ground, overcome. 

I’ll tell you one thing, those Bibles won’t stay new and shiny for long. And that’s how it should be. They’ll be pored over, read aloud, carried to church. They’ll help men and women know Jesus better and help them raise their kids to know Him too. 

That’s what it means to millions of people worldwide to hold their very own Bible in their hands, in the language they think and dream in. And that’s what you do when you give to Biblica. Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel! 

—Geof Morin

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