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Four People, Four Stories: God’s Word is Touching Hearts in China

The following testimonies came from China, where Biblica’s Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB) is now being published. This project, in partnership with the China Christian Council, will open a door to making this modern, contemporary translation available throughout China.

In his second letter to Timothy, Paul described Scripture as “God-breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16).

As Biblica completes Bible translations in various parts of the world, it is exciting to see how God uses them to accomplish these specific purposes. We often receive emails and letters from people expressing thanks for having God’s Word in a language they can understand, and sharing how God has used these translations to work in their lives.

The following testimonies came from China, where Biblica’s Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB) is now being published. This project, in partnership with the China Christian Council, will open a door to making this modern, contemporary translation available throughout China.

Sister Wang’s Story

I had been holding grudges towards God for many years. I always thought God was unfair to me, because my family was extremely poor when I was young. The worst nightmare happened to me when I was seven years old: I was raped. I complained to God numerous times [asking] why did He not protect me? Why was I born in such a poor family? I hated the rapist, I hated all men, I hated all people, including myself and God.

After I went to college, I started to attend a worship service in a church. But I had no joy at all, as my heart was full of hatred. I even thought about suicide. Though I listened to sermons every week, I was very suspicious and doubtful about the messages.

One day, the pastor told me to read more of the Bible and also to pray more often. He said God loves me. But I struggled a lot. How could a loving God allowed me to experience such horrible things? But the pastor’s genuine care and encouragement somehow touched me.

So I started to read the Chinese Contemporary Bible seriously after returning to my room. As I read more of the Bible, I began to feel God’s love from His word. I am not an orphan and God is my father. Though I did not understand many things, I trusted in my heavenly Father that He has His good plan for me. I started learn to forgive the rapist and forgive myself. It was as long process. Sometimes bitterness still creeps in and I read the Bible to battle with it and calling on God for help.

One day, as I read the Bible, I was suddenly filled by an unspeakable joy and experienced complete release. Now I can deeply feel God’s love for me and I started to learn to love everyone around me. I have been preparing myself for Bible school training. I want to serve the Lord. Praise the Lord! The power of His Word renewed me and brought hope to me!

Brother Xiaoming’s Story
I used to be a prodigal teenager and was heavily in debt because of gambling. To run away from my loan sharks, I left my home and never went back for 15 years. Meanwhile, I took to drugs, cigarettes and was involved in gang fights. I was really miserable and life was meaningless.

By God’s grace, a friend of mine invited me to attend a church gathering when I was 33. I thought it was a party, so I went with him happily. But, to my surprise, he did not bring me to a party. The pastor happened to preach about the prodigal son in Luke 15. I realized I was the prodigal son and I had not been back home for 15 years. I didn’t know how my parents were.

That night I raised up my hands and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I repented and cried with tears before God. Afterwards, the pastor gave me a CCB Bible. The same night I called my parents and told them that I have believed in Jesus and I would go home to see them one of these days. After accepting Jesus, I changed my lifestyle and started reading the Bible every day.

About six months later, I attended a Bible study in the church. The Word of God helped me to overcome my drug addiction. I was baptized this August. I was like the prodigal son, but my heavenly Father loves me and accepted me in His loving arms. Now I am serving as an usher and counselor in the church.

Pastor Huang’s Story
My family lives in the rural area of Northeast China. My mother is in her 80s and my mother-in-law in her 90s. Both are living with us and I take care of them happily, knowing that it’s my obligation and the Lord will bless us. I used to serve as a lay pastor for more than 10 years and many people were healed and comforted through my preaching of God’s word. But pastors get very limited support in Northeast China.

I often complained to God when I needed money for my kids’ schooling and medicine for my elderly parents. Is not God rich and abundant? Why does He allow His servants to suffer in poverty? So I left my pastoral ministry and went to work in a factory. But I know my calling is to shepherd God’s sheep and I often felt guilty.

Not long ago, I started to read the CCB that my Bible teacher gave to me. I was so happy that with the CCB, I could understand God’s Word easily. Tears came down as I read my Bible. For I realized that superficially it looks like I have no faith in God’s call for me, but the real problem is I have no faith in God’s Word, I have no faith in God!

So I called to Jesus for help and after a few months of reading the CCB, my conviction of God’s calling was strengthened. I was released from fear of poverty and a difficult life, because Jesus is my Savior. Now I have returned to my pastoral ministry, back to the pulpit.

Moses’ Story
I was raised up in a Christian family and I went into business at the age of 20. I did many kinds of work, taxi driver, printing, shipping and I wandered away from God farther and farther away.  I became puffed up as I made more and more money.

I began to indulge in all kinds of carnal satisfactions, leaving my wife and children unattended. My turning point came in 2013 when I attended a Christian Men’s camp. A pastor shared about men’s responsibility and how men should follow Christ and lead the family.  The Bible showed me how sinful I was and how far I have strayed away from God.

So I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and I called my wife to ask for her forgiveness that night and reconciled with her. God brought us back together. I also realized how poor I was in spirit, as Matthew 5:3 says. Money used to be my god and satisfaction, but eventually it did not bring true satisfaction.

Now I serve full-time with the men’s camp ministry and I witnessed how many men were changed by God’s Word, and many families were saved and strengthened. Praise the Lord!

Strengthened… helped… released… changed… When people read and experience the Bible in a language they can understand, God moves in powerful, often unexpected ways.

Please pray for the Biblica teams working around the globe to provide accurate, contemporary translations of God’s Word.

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