First-Ever Sorani Kurdish Bible Published

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ERBIL, Iraq, April 18, 2017 — Biblica, The International Bible Society, a worldwide ministry that has been helping people read and understand God’s Word for over 200 years, announced the release last week of the first-ever Sorani Kurdish Bible.

After nearly three decades of work, Biblica’s translation team completed the first full Bible in the Sorani dialect of Kurdish in 2016. The Bible was published and launched on April 3.

“This is a very historic occasion, an amazing achievement, and an exciting time for the Kurdish people,” said Dr. Carl Moeller, CEO of Biblica. “Imagine not having the Bible in your language! Most of us can’t. But for the Kurds, that has been a reality. Until now.”

Translation work on the Kurdish Bible began back in the 1850s but was postponed on multiple occasions because of wars and instability in Kurdistan – a large, autonomous region stretching across parts of Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Biblica’s translation team started their project in the early 1990s.

Biblica was honored on April 3 to present the Kurdish people with their first full Bible. In attendance at the launch celebration in Erbil were representatives from various denominations of the Kurdish Christian Church, along with members of the government of Kurdistan. The audience also included many Kurdish Muslims.

“This is the first time in history such a thing has happened,” the Area Executive Director of Biblica’s Middle East/North Africa region said, referring to the enthusiastic acceptance of the new Bible by the Muslim community.

“This translation is the result of many, many years of prayers, a great deal of sacrifice by our translation team, and is a wonderful reminder of God’s great faithfulness,” said Dr. Moeller. “He is doing awesome things in Kurdistan. Our prayer is that this Bible will be a blessing to the Kurdish Church, help Kurdish believers grow in their faith, and be used by God to draw many Kurds into relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Biblica’s Sorani Kurdish Bible translation is also now available on YouVersion and BibleGateway, providing access for those who can’t afford, don’t have access to, or can’t read printed Bibles.