After Being Faithful With One Church, God Gave Them a Bigger Mission

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Nkanyiso and Eva Moyo were content pastoring a church in Norton, Zimbabwe. They had been there for about 10 years and knew they were being faithful to God’s call on their lives.

“We were very much on track as far as the ministry is concerned,” says Nkanyiso. “We had no other plans. We just wanted to pastor our small congregation until we died.”

But one day, God interrupted their plans and their lives.

“As I was reading the Bible,” explains Nkanyiso, “I discovered something about other people who served the Lord, especially the apostles of Jesus Christ. I discovered that they were evangelizing the world.

“It was at that point that I felt as if someone was asking the question, ‘Do you expect a crown for pastoring this small assembly all your life?’”

Nkanyiso suddenly realized the importance of evangelism and the necessity of fulfilling the Great Commission: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15).

A portion of Nkanyiso and Eva Moyo’s church assembly.

“Jesus commanded us to go to the whole world and make disciples of all nations,” Nkanyiso says. “We were commanded by Jesus to go to even the new parts of the world. With that conviction, we made a decision to reach out to the world.”

Before long, fueled by this new desire to go and make disciples, the Moyos felt God leading them to Rushinga – a region north of Harare where most of the population practices a synchronistic blend of traditional African religion and Bible-less Christianity.

“As we moved deep into the rural areas of this district, we discovered that the majority of the people in this area were people who do not believe in the Bible as the authentic Word of God. Many of them had never seen a Bible.”

The Moyos attempted to change that by planting a church and sharing God’s Word. And as is so often the case, God blessed and multiplied their efforts.

An example of this took place one day in a community garden where a group of women were gathering produce. In conversation, one of the women wondered aloud how the trees, mountains, and other things had come into existence. Another woman, a member of the Moyos’ church, began telling her how God had created the earth and everything in it. When the curious woman asked how she knew this, the church member explained that it was all written in the Bible.

At this point, several of the women asked to see this Bible. Since the church member didn’t have a copy with her, she referred them to Nkanyiso.

“I gave them Bibles,” Nkanyiso says. “And the woman who was a member of our church started reading to them from the book of Genesis, how God created the universe.”

Nkanyiso gave Bibles to these women and shared with them the story of creation.

Work continues in Rushinga. The Moyos are preaching the gospel, just as the Lord commissioned them to do. And slowly but surely, disciples are being made.

“Rushinga is an area that has many places that need to be touched and the true gospel of Jesus Christ introduced. The whole population needs Bibles.

“It is my desire and joy to see people coming to the Lord,” Nkanyiso says. “Not only should they repent, but they should grow in the knowledge of him. To do so, men should be filled with the Word of God.”

The Bible tells us that God’s ways are not always our ways. The Moyos learned that in a practical way by remaining open to His leading and choosing to be faithful in following His call.

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