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Engraved in Stone

Reaching Children for Christ in the Middle East

Born in a small village in Egypt, Mary lives in one of the most troubled regions of the world. She was once an angry little girl who hated to study and was disobedient to her parents. She had few friends because she was difficult to get along with, so she felt that nobody loved her. She said, “My only wish is to find someone who truly loves me.”

When Biblica’s Children for Christ (C4C) program came to Mary’s village, she learned about the unconditional love of Jesus Christ through dramas, crafts, Bible stories, and song. Children for Christ (C4C) opened a new world to her—now Mary knows that someone truly loves her, and that knowledge has changed her life. Mary is overwhelmed by emotion as she relates what God has done for her: “Thank you, Jesus, that you died for me. Thank you for redeeming me. “Teaching the Bible to kids is like engraving in stone.”Lord Jesus, I love you!”

As a result of Biblica’s Children for Christ (C4C)program, Mary’s behavior has now changed. “I was doing lots of bad things before but now I have changed,” she said. Her anger melted into gentleness. She is a kinder eight-year-old girl who now knows she has a God who loves her.

Children for Christ (C4C) is a 10-day, Bible- based outreach program for children in areas hostile to the gospel. It began in 2000 with 7,000 children, and has grown to reach over 1 million children in Egypt, Syria, Sudan, and Iraq. In partnership with 900 local churches, 100,000 youth will be reached this year by engaging them in the gospel through music, games, and Bible study resources.

The program has become so successful it has developed leaders from within the program. Leaders who were involved as children are returning to teach: “When I was a young girl I attended Children for Christ (C4C) and now I am a leader,” said one leader. “I learned many things that touched me, and now I can teach the children. Teaching the Bible to kids “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”
Luke 18:16, NIVis like engraving in stone.”

After participating in C4C, children can join a follow-up, three-month discipleship program,Children for Christ Discipleship (C4CD). This discipleship program will build children’s spiritual foundations through Scripture booklets and activity materials. This year, C4CDwill reach 20,000 children.

Because children naturally take the messages they hear and the biblical resources they receive home to their families and friends, entire families are coming to Christ!

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