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Audio Bible Technology is Accelerating Access to Bibles in Africa

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When Biblica Africa began recording the Kiswahili Audio Bible, the potential reach could not be determined. We trusted God’s leading that this was a great opportunity to reach those who cannot read the Bible either because they are illiterate or blind, or as an alternative for those who would rather listen to the Bible than read it. Biblica decided to adopt a multi-pronged approach using various channels. We wanted to spread the reach wide, therefore we opted to include some platforms that would provide the end user free access to the Kiswahili Audio Bible.

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Shining the Light on the NIV

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A guest post on Biblegateway from Biblica CEO, Carl Moeller. We’re living in a time when words are cheap. From the moment we wake up, all through our days, until we fall into bed, we’re bombarded by opinions, ideas, information, and advertising. While this makes it easier than ever to be informed and engaged in the world, it makes it much harder to sift out the good from the bad, and to spend our time in the Truth. And what …

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Moving beyond the Bible literacy crisis

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Bible literacy is at a crisis point, as Biola professor Kenneth Berding noted in a recent article. But what’s behind the steady drop in Bible reading? Is Bible literacy—knowing more facts about Scripture—really the end goal? And can we turn a generation of non-Bible readers into Bible lovers?