What if the world’s poor could access the Bible online?

Without high-end smart phones.

Without having to download complex applications that gobble up storage.

Without having to pay for a lot of data every month.

It’s no surprise that high-end smartphones deliver stunning platforms and applications.

But more than a billion people worldwide, particularly in developing countries, access the internet through $30 Android devices and feature phones—and these devices can’t handle the bandwidth, storage, and data usage required by complex apps.

For these individuals, accessing the Bible online has not been possible.

Until now.

  • AIRSCAPE is a powerful technology that allows low-end smart phones and feature phones to access high performing platforms and applications.
  • Biblica has harnessed this technology to create a robust Bible app created specifically for low-tech devices.
  • Partner organizations—including churches and church planting movements—are working with Biblica to get this dynamic Bible reader and audio Bible player into the hands of people around the world.

Does your organization serve low-income communities or communities in developing countries?

Would it further your mission to provide more people with digital access to God’s word in their heart-language?

If so, let’s talk. Because currently the goal of Biblica isn’t to profit from this app, but to find partners who can help us change lives by distributing it to their audiences.

The AIRSCAPE Bible App can contribute to your ministry goals

If helping people engage with God’s Word is part of your vision, for about $600 we can provide you with a Bible App you can customize and use. The AIRSCAPE Bible App can be a gamechanger, and here’s why:

  • The Bible in print can be costly to produce and deliver. With AIRSCAPE, you can provide more people with digital access to God’s word for a fraction of the cost.

  • You can customize the app to include content and resources—including training and online education—created by your organization.
  • The app can be distributed under the label of your organization for brand consistency, and to engage the trust you have already established in the communities you serve.
  • AIRSCAPE currently provides Bible versions in 14 languages—along with audio—with more languages being added every year.

When users download and access the AIRSCAPE Bible App, here’s what they will discover:

  • The Scripture in their language, along with audio.
  • The ability to engage with scripture on their mobile phones without having to pay for a high-end device or data package
  • A Bible app they can really use. While other excellent Bible apps are not compatible with low-end devices because of their size, the AIRSCAPE Bible app requires a fraction of the bandwidth, storage, and data.

Thanks to our AIRSCAPE Partners, stories like this are possible*

Imagine being a follower of Jesus in Kampala, Uganda. You recently saved /=112,000 Uganda Schilling ($30 USD) to buy your first Huawei smartphone. You saved over two years to buy this phone to do your banking and communicate with key business connections.

You are also excited about reading and listening to scripture on your daily one-hour commute to work in a matatu (taxi-van). Because you work 10-12 hours a day, time in the matatus provides your best opportunity to engage with God and with His Word.

You look on the Google Play store and find a variety of Bible apps. You choose one to download, but it takes up too much space on your 8 GB phone, and when you listen to the Audio Bible, you get a text message that your mobile data has been consumed.

You think to yourself that while the app may be great for believers in Europe and America, it is not ideal for your situation.

Through a friend, you hear about a new Bible Reader app called AIRSCAPE that is a small download (3MB) and consumes very little data.

Downloading the app, you listen gratefully to your audio Bible in Kiswahili (your heart language) as you ride in the packed matatu through the dusty, bumpy roads around Kampala.

Finally! A way to engage with the Bible that works for you.

*This story is representative but is indicative of the people we are helping with the app.

Learn about the Airscape Bible App

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